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Saturday, September 1, 2012

UNTUNG SUROPATI ( Williem Wallace from Indonesia )


( Williem Wallace from Indonesia ) 

We may have watched a movie called Braveheart who Mel Gibson starred (1995). Tells the story of a hero named Williem Wallace from Scotland who opposed British colonial oppression and the Scottish period.  

Well, in Indonesia also have a hero that is almost similar to the story, the Untung Suropati. well from the beginning until the end of his life story.

Ok, Bro .... have a minute to take a brief biography Heroes Indonesia "Untung Suropati" this one.
Untung Suropati (born in Bali , 1660 - died in Bangil , East Java , December 5 1706 at age 45/46 years) is an Indonesian national hero who fought on the island of Java . He has been designated as a national hero Indonesia by Presidential Decree. 106/TK/1975 dated 3 November 1975.

Fortunately Suropati, real name unknown. According to Land Jawi Chronicle he was from Bali were discovered by Captain Van Beber, an officer VOC stationed in Makassar .
Captain Van Beber then sell it to officers VOC others in Batavia called Moor. Since having a new slave, career and wealth increased rapidly Moor. The little boy thought that luck was named The Lucky.
When Lucky was 20 years old, he was thrown in jail by the Moors for daring to marry his daughter Suzane. Fortunately then collect the prisoners and escaped from prison and becomes a fugitive.

Got a Name Surapati

In 1683 Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa king of Bantam defeated VOC . His son Prince Purbaya fled to Mount Gede. He decided to give up but just want to be picked officers VOC natives.
Captain Ruys (leader fortress Tanjungpura) managed to find the Lucky. They offered a job as a soldier VOC than to live as a fugitive. Lucky was trained army, was given the rank of lieutenant, and was assigned to pick up Prince Purbaya .
Fortunately meet Prince Purbaya to take to Tanjungpura. Came a force that treats Vaandrig Kuffeler Prince Purbaya harshly. Fortunately not accept and destroy the forces Kuffeler Cikalong River, January 28, 1684.
Prince Purbaya remain surrendered to Tanjungpura, but his wife called Gusik Kusuma asked Luckily her home to Kartasura . Fortunately, now back to being a fugitive VOC . Among other things he had destroyed the troops were chasing Jacob Couper Rajapalah village.
When passing Cirebon , Lucky fought with Raden Surapati sultan adopted child. After the trial, the guilt is proven Suropati. Surapati was sentenced to death. Since then the name Surapati by Sultan Cirebon submitted to Lucky.

The killing Captain Tack

Fortunately alias Suropati got Kartasura deliver Gusik Raden Ayu Kusuma on his father, the duke of Nerangkusuma. Nerangkusuma is the anti VOCs are aggressively urging Amangkurat II that betrayed the covenant with the people of the Netherlands that. Nerangkusuma also married Kusuma Gusik with Suropati.
Captain François Tack (officer VOC senior who had a role in the crackdown Trunajaya and Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa ) arrived in Kartasura in February 1686 to capture Suropati. Amangkurat II has influenced Nerangkusuma, pretending to help the VOC .
The fighting also broke out in the palace courtyard. Troops VOC destroyed. A total of 75 Dutch dead. Tack captain was killed at the hands of profit suropati.Tentara Dutch survivors fled to their stronghold.

Hero title Wiranegara

Amangkurat II fear pengkhianantannya uncovered. He blessed Suropati and seize Nerangkusuma Pasuruan . In the city, defeating incumbent Suropati, namely Anggajaya, who then fled to Surabaya . Regent of Surabaya named Duke Jangrana did not retaliate because he himself was familiar with Suropati in Kartasura .
Fortunately Suropati also made ​​himself regent Pasuruan Wiranegara Hero title.
In 1690 Amangkurat II sent in troops ostensibly to seize Pasuruan . Of course, these forces have failed because the battles only be theatrical in an effort to trick VOC .

Death Untung Suropati

After the death of Amangkurat II in 1703, there was a struggle for the throne Kartasura between Amangkurat III against Prince Puger . In 1704, Prince Puger made ​​himself Pakubuwana I with the support of the VOC . In 1705 Amangkurat III expelled from Kartasura and shelter to Pasuruan .
In September 1706 the combined forces VOC , Kartasura , Madura , and Surabaya led by Major Goovert Knole stormed Pasuruan . The battle in the castle finally killed Fortunately Suropati Bangil alias Wiranegara dated October 17, 1706. But he was saying the death a secret.
Suropati tomb was made flush with the ground. The struggle continued his sons to carry a stretcher containing false Suropati.
On June 18, 1707 Herman de Wilde led an expedition to pursue Amangkurat III . He found the tomb Suropati immediately dismantled. Suropati bodies were burned and the ashes thrown into the sea.

Struggle Sons Suropati

Fortunately Suropati sons, among others Raden Suite, Raden Suropati, and Raden Suradilaga lead followers of their father (a mixture of Java and Bali ). Some of them were caught with Amangkurat III in 1708 and joined exiled to Sri Lanka .
Some followers Fortunately Suropati joined the rebellion Arya Jayapuspita in Surabaya in 1717. Rebellion is as the effort put in revenge for the death of the Duke Jangrana proven Suropati secretly sided with the war in 1706.
After Jayapuspita lost in 1718 and retreated to Mojokerto , Suropati still loyal followers follow. They all then joined in the revolt against Prince Blitar Amangkurat IV supported the VOC in 1719. The rebellion was put down in 1723. Fortunately Suropati sons and his followers removed VOC to Sri Lanka.

 So from us, may be useful. See U .....

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